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    Since 2006, I have been exclusively using bamboo as the medium for crafting Licea guitars. As a grass, bamboo is a testament to its creative and innovative potential. Its not only eco-friendly but also an  excellent choice for durability and resonance. Bamboo can withstand

various weather conditions and can take all kinds of finishes. In the luthier's world, where wood is often the primary material, bamboo is my only choice. The bamboo strands running along the guitars length provide excellent stability and sustain. Each handmade guitar has a Licea design patent that is balanced for the professional player in mind.

All guitars feature, one piece moso edge grain bamboo body and back with plybood strand fretboards. components are high quality, locking tuners, strap locks, graphite nuts and stainless steel frets. going from jazz to all out shred and everything in between is no problem. basses

have a modern sound with eq onboard that allows you to customize your sound. All instruments come equipped with two way stainless steel truss rods and finished in urethane clear coat. With our personalized service

you can choose any color or pickup that suits your preferences. It's a great achievement to be a part of someone's inspiration to create music, Thank you so much.

Licea Bamboo Workshop
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