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   My first guitar in 2006 was a solid mahogany body with a bolt on strat neck. The end result was not to my liking so I redesigned the whole guitar so that the neck and body would be one piece.  During this period I attended the contemporary furniture show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. While walking through the show I came upon a booth displaying bamboo plywood. After standing there with my mouth open and ideas flying through my head, I said to myself this is it! Bamboo is categorized as grass, grows quickly so its farmed for the cabinet industry, and is a big player in the green movement.  Bamboo has all the resonance and stability for an exceptional electric guitar and takes all kinds of finishes.

My guitars feature high quality parts and is sculpted to fit the body for the professional player. Having a ¾ inch edge grain bamboo one piece top, 3/4 inch bamboo back and plyboo strand fretboards, you can go from jazz to all out shred and anything in between! Check out my videos .